Herbal and Essential Oil Safety

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Essentials oils and herbs are amazing to work with and like most things, we must respect them and recognize if not used properly, injuries can occur.

Today I wanted to share some of those things and don’t worry, I will leave a recipe for you to try because the feedback I am getting is positive. 

Just like prescribed medicine has separate rules for pregnant and nursing mothers, essential oils are similar. 

Essential Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy

Aniseed, Basil, Birch, Camphor, Carrot Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Clary Sage, Hyssop, Lemongrass, Mugwort, Parsley Seed, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Vetiver, Wintergreen, and Wormwood.

Essential Oils to Avoid at Least 24 Hours Before Sun Exposure and Tanning.

The below essential oils are called phototoxic, which means these essential oils will irritate your skin if you apply it and expose yourself to sunlight or a tanning bed. If you don’t wait at least 24 hours after applying, you can get a pretty nasty sunburn rash.

Angelica Root, Bergamot, Cumin, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Rue.

Essential Oils That Irritate Mucous Membranes

These essential oils ARE NOT TO BE USED IN BATH WATER. These essential oils can dry out and irritate your nose, mouth, eyes, and reproductive organs.

Bay, Caraway, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud, Clove Leaf, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Thyme

Essential Oils Best Left to the Professionals

The oils listed below are best left to the professionals. If you are new to herbs, there are plenty of herbs to start with. I highly recommend you steer clear of these starting out.

I have yet to use any of these.

Ajowan, Almond, Arnica, Boldo Leaf, Brown Camphor, Calamus, Deertongue, Garlic, Horseradish, Mugwort, Onion, Pennyroyal, Rue, Sassafrass, Sweet Birch, Wintergreen, Wormwood, and Yellow Camphor.

Fulfill & Uplift Diffuser Recipe

30 drops Bergamot Essential Oil

10 drops Lemon Essential Oil

5 drops Lime Essential Oil

Add all the essential oils to a dark glass essential oil bottle, gently swirl to blend. Remember to label.

Add 10 drops to essential oil diffuser and diffuse in 30-minute increments (30 minutes on/then 30 minutes off).

And there you have it readers. I hope you all keep this list in your files for future blends.

If you’re interested in learning more about natural remedies, here’s a good resource.

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