What Are We Drinking:  Faisio Vinho Rose, Vinho Verde DOC

Region: Portugal

ABV: 10.5%

Cost:  $13

Pair With:  light seafood; fish tacos   

Color/Appearance:  medium salmon

Dry/Sweet/Body: off dry; light bodied

Balance/ Acidity/Finish:  balanced in flavor, light acidity, crisp finish

Aromas:  strawberries

Taste/Description:  This wine is from the region of Vinho Verde which is a cooler wine region known for low in alcohol but crisp in taste. “Vinho” means green wine in Portugal. In this case it refers to a blush, rose wine. Verde refers to the history of wine made in this region where wine was made to drink early. This Rose upon opening was fragrant on the nose with fresh sweet strawberries. The varietal make up is 50% Espadeiro, 30% Borracal, 20% Padeiro which gives the palate a splash of strawberry with a hint of citrus. Crisp and effervescent on the finish. An enjoyable drink.

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