The beauty of being a writer and creator is you can change how you deliver your content without permission. The other good thing is writing allows me to learn something new every day.

I have been posting here about herbs and essential oils for 7 months. It’s how I amassed the following I have. I promised myself when I took my writing career seriously versus a hobby, I won’t allow myself to be complacent and sloppy. I value every follower and subscriber I have. There is always something one can change, if for no other reason, variety. 

How do I show my audience I’m paying attention to them and their preferences? 

I research content and brainstorm on how I can make your visits to this space an enjoyable one every damn time you visit. 

The more I write, I develop a rhythm and I’m nowhere near figuring out my Medium rhythm but I do want you to know the herb and essential oils posts will have a different format after this week. Right now, I’m typing this in my Google Keep app as I ponder an even better format with quick recipes you can do without fuss. 

The herbal recipes aren’t going away as I post them daily on Instagram. I am learning how to pre post on Pinterest so that remains to be a work in progress.

Does that mean you won’t see herbal recipes here ever again? Of course not, what I’m hoping to do, is provide more quick tips with specific conditions. I still want to keep these articles under 500 words when possible. 

I remember when I would need an essential oil in a pinch, but couldn’t find the information I needed without reading several web pages. Sometimes we just want a quick reference point to work with and if it’s one thing I know how to do, it’s provide the information you need in a short format. 

While I have your attention, feel free to tell me which essential oils you’re interested in. Are there any you have questions on? 

While I have knowledge, experience, and continue to learn, I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for YOU. My audience. I appreciate and respect your time so damn much. 

Till we Blend again. 

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