The demonization of cannabis has gone on for far too long in the United States. Even when confronted with science the government, doctors, and the purists insist upon cannabis being a drug when it’s a plant.
 This article is coming from my heart because after 6 years of using cannabis-based products and now as a medical marijuana patient, I know this plant is more than just a recreational hobby. Cannabis is medicine. 
What inspired this article are the constant stories of people suffering from ailments I suffer from. IBS, migraines, anxiety, and insomnia are some of the most commonly diagnosed conditions and while big pharma continues to cash in, the patients taking those drugs aren’t getting the relief their doctor promised.
I know it’s weird to base anything on social media but you don’t quite understand the human suffering unless you hang out on Reddit or any other message board that discusses medical conditions. Their IBS and Insomnia communities are riddled with stories of people doing all the things the doctor asked and yet they don’t feel better. They’ve changed diets, taken pills, and yet it’s too many not feeling better.
There are grown adults afraid of leaving their homes (and rightfully so) due to fear of having an embarrassing situation. People are afraid to eat because they don’t know what’s triggering their cramping stomach and immediate trips to the bathroom.
Let me tell you something about these IBS sufferers, they’ve heard that cannabis can help with their conditions, but they can’t partake due to jobs and bullshit stigma. The mere mention of cannabis gets you labeled a pothead with no defense. 
When the average person thinks about marijuana, they don’t think of medicine, they’re seeing Snoop and Wiz Khalifa blowing heavy smoke. There ain’t a damn thing wrong with this, but the medical benefits of cannabinoids overall are many. There’s CBD, CBN, and CBG to name a few of the minor cannabinoids that have helped me. 
While we all know someone who has been smoking good ol’ MJ since their teens to get high, I speak for myself and many others when I tell you my cannabis journey only exists because medical conditions deemed it necessary. 
Yes, I could’ve stayed on insane amounts of Butalbital (a whole narcotic) for my migraines, but we know the longer you take a medicine, the less effective it is, and I’m not interested in hearing commercials with hushed tones about pending lawsuits. 
I also could’ve taken massive doses of prescription Benadryl, (which is basically the shit you buy out the stores but with many more milligrams) for my insomnia but I was smart enough to research what my doctor was attempting to prescribe. 
After reading the side effects and realizing I didn’t want to bleed antihistamines for the rest of this incarnation, I tossed the meds in the trash. I refuse to be an FDA lab rat because this country and its acronyms don’t really give a damn about its people. I want to make it clear, that I love and believe in science, I’m just not sure if our government agencies care about the people they serve. 
Their actions show us they don’t care, argue with your doctor about it while I smoke a bowl. 
Instead of leaving my health to chance, I began using CBD for my migraines in 2016. I researched companies until I finally landed on one. CBD was good, I knew nothing about using a bong or filling a hemp cone, but I picked up on how it’s done quickly. It was all fine and good until, the CBD was helping me relax but the migraines demanded more, so in 2018, I tried a Delta 8 gummy. Back then Delta 8 gummies weren’t quite weapons grade like it is now (LOL), so popping 25mg of D8 was easy. 
The problem with edibles is that they can take up to 90 minutes to kick in, so I started smoking Delta 8 flower again. I have to apologize to all the cannabis pros out there, I didn’t know how Delta 8 flower was made. All I knew was I wanted sleep and more migraine-free days so that’s why I smoked sprayed flower. No worries, we don’t do that craziness anymore. 😂😂😂
Seeing as Delta 8 can be synthetic like the FDA drugs, of course by 2021, Delta 8 ceased to work. I’ll never forget that painful realization as I stared at the ceiling of my bedroom, tears running down my face while praying for sleep that would never come. 
Of course, insomnia is a problem. I decided to add lavender, valerian root, and chamomile. I even tried wild lettuce to get some sleep. While these things would get me to sleep, I would wake up 2 hours later unable to go back to sleep. I wasn’t getting restful sleep.
Insomnia is a horrible condition. Those who fall asleep without issue don’t get how soul-crushing and deadly this condition can be to those who suffer from it. Your body needs sleep to repair itself. There were times I didn’t sleep for 72 hours straight. Keep in mind, I’m a mother, wife, and work full-time.
I knew I was done listening to my doctor when the mild hallucinations (due to lack of sleep) started. I’d never hallucinated before in my life and knew it was time to make a choice. I was going to die if I didn’t sleep, so I made the choice to get my marijuana medical card.
Fast forward two years later, I’m sleeping well now but it wasn’t just due to THC, because contrary to popular belief, you can’t just smoke a joint and drop off into a deep sleep. There is actual science to cannabis. It’s a pretty awesome damn plant as it has cannabinoids that help THC work better.
So why are so many still against legalization? We’ve seen the science. We know our friend cannabis sativa can help with many conditions from mental to digestion so why are people banning forms of it? 
 The FDA. They don’t like competition. 
Your doctor likely hates you if you partake and I’m sure you’ve ignored their BS “weed is a drug” speech many times already. I encourage you to continue that energy. The state of healthcare (another subject I could write a book on) is worse than abysmal. Once upon a time, you went to the doctor, they LISTENED and treated you accordingly. That was about 20 years ago.
Doctors today herd you like cattle, hand you a generic diagnosis, and move to the next patient. There is no compassion or care in healthcare anymore which is why more and more turn to nature, you know, the ORIGINAL HEALER OF THE AGES.
Perhaps instead of demonizing a plant that has helped millions find relief, the FDA could do its job and study said plant. Focus on the positive attributes as hard as they focus on the negative attributes, then come back to us with a full report. They know as well as the average smoker, marijuana isn’t a damn drug, it’s a plant. A plant with thousands of qualities that can improve the quality of life for millions.
But they won’t do the research, after all, if they start speaking the truth about the positive attributes of cannabis, whatever will we do with all the mental health professionals?

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