About Me

I love wine. My introduction to wine started when I was in my mid 20’s after stepping away from hard spirits. It has been quite the learning experience. I learn something new every day and my hope is that you, the reader will too.

I don’t know too many things that start a conversation better than wine does as it inspires passionate thoughts and ideas. From the taste and smell of freshly poured glass to a beautiful label, wine appeals to 4 out of 5 senses.

I started this blog because I wanted to share my wine journey with others and because while there are plenty of wine blogs on the internet, there doesn’t appear to be many blogs for the consumer who loves wine but can only spend less than $20 on a bottle. You know, the common everyday wine drinker. The biggest myth about wine is that it has to be expensive for you to enjoy it. I can tell you that’s false.

My wine education is just beginning. I can’t recite textbook wine facts off the top of my head (though I have just completed my WSET Level 1 course), but what I can do is to have a space where we can all learn together. While we are learning, let’s have conversations that make the wine selecting and drinking a fun experience.  So many find wine intimidating, I hope that I can change some minds.

Need a wine suggestion, a written review or someone to chat on your podcast? Feel free to contact me at wineconvos@gmail.com. I’d love to collaborate and work with you.

Also feel free to check out my Instagram @demejoewineconvos, I post content there at least three times a week.

Thanks for reading.



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