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My name is Dawn and I enjoy wine, writing, food, travel and a variety of other subjects. I also love reading and research. This blog space has changed so much over the years and I am proud of what it has become. I enjoy sharing the wines I drink along with herbs and essential oils I use in my everyday life with my readers.

As a child, I would write poetry and silly short stories. My English teachers would encourage my creativity and push me to join writing contests, sometimes I would enter my work, sometimes I wouldn’t due to fear of rejection. I remember my high school counselor pushing me to write a speech titled “My Commitment to America”, I didn’t want to do it but she had seen enough of my grades and English papers to know I was capable. I am grateful she made me write that paper, it won first place and moving forward I would enter writing contests on a regular basis. Sometimes I placed, sometimes I didn’t, but one thing was certain, I knew I loved to write.

As an adult, life happened and becoming a young mother meant getting a job to put food on the table so I had to put my writing aspirations aside but I never forgot how much writing meant to me.

Twenty years later, my sons are both adults and I have returned to my first love, writing again. Currently I’m blogging in this space and vlogging about a variety of topics on YouTube, you can find my channel here.

When I’m not creating content, I’m writing books. I published two installments of my series “The Princess of Darkness “, available for download via Amazon. I am currently outlining Part 3 of this series along with another paranormal novelette. If you can’t tell from my books, another subject I’ve loved for years is the paranormal. I am looking forward to learning more and hope to go on a ghost hunt one day.

The links to my books:

The Princess Of Darkness Book 1

The Princess Of Darkness Book 2

Oh and to complete the whole nerd/weirdo profile, I have spent the last three years studying Astrology. It’s through this subject I realized picking up my writing career again was no random incident. It was meant to happen. I can read birth charts as well. Feel free to email me if you would like an overview of yours.

So besides living my dreams, what is my goal?

I hope to be a influential content creator /author who influences you, regardless of age, to chase your dreams.

Thanks for reading.

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