Name of Wine: Quartz Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Description: This wine has tropical fruit taste with a crisp, refreshing acidity finish

Smell: citrus, nettles and passionfruit

Taste: Citrus, pear, kiwi and green apple

Pair With: Catfish with butter/garlic rice

ABV: 12.0%

Rating: 87/100 points


Name of Wine: CLOT D’Encis Blanco 2016

Description: This wine is a 100% white Grenache. Light and subtle on taste. Can be enjoyed alone or with food.

Smell: Peach, lime, cantaloupe with hint of sage

Taste: Citrus with/apricots

Pair With: Tilapia with buttered sweet corn

ABV: 13%

Price: $15.99

Rating: 87/100


Name of Wine: Sirenia Viura Chardonnay 2015

Smell: Floral on the nose with a hint of citrus

Taste: Citrus, tart pear and green apple

Pair With: Broiled tenderloin with broccoli

Description: The make up of this slightly golden colored white wine blend is 90% Viura and 10% Chardonnay. It was fermented in stainless steel.

Upon initial taste I tasted tart pear, citrus and green apple. Medium bodied but balanced. I would pair this wine with food, perhaps with dinner or a sweet dessert that needs to be balanced out with some tartness.

ABV: 12.5%

Rating: 90/100 points


Name of Wine: Blue Quail Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Description: This organic white wine is from Mendocino, California. It’s crisp, light and refreshing with slight acidity in the back. Can be enjoyed alone or with a meal

Smell: Kumquats, peach and pineapple notes

Taste: Tropical fruit with a hint of honey

Paired With: Catfish with broiled shrimp on the side w/ lemon butter cream sauce

ABV: 13.6%

Rating: 85/100 points

Name of Wine: Versi Rosso

Description: This red wine would is perfect for sitting by a fire. With a blueberry and cherry taste towards the front and earthy tones at the back.

Smell: Blueberry with floral undertones

Taste: Ripe plums earthy, salt brine

Pair With: Turkey burgers with all the trimmings

ABV: 13%

Opinion: This wine is enjoyable alone or with a nice burger, sausage or bratwurst. You can also drink this alone. It took a second sip for me to warm up to it, because the first thing I noticed besides the blueberry flavor, the salt, earthy like brine taste at the end lingered.

Rating: 85/100

Name of Wine: Estampa Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Description: This red wine is light but firm in tannins but also rich in flavor, the make up of this wine is 92% Cabernet and Pelit 8%

Smell: Red fruit (think raspberries, plums) light oak and subtle sweet notes

Taste: Fresh blackberry taste with light tannins

Pair With: Fried chicken with green beans

ABV: 14.0

Opinion: I liked this wine because while it was rich in tannins it had a rich flavor with a smooth finish. This wine is great for just sitting on your deck relaxing watching the stars or at a cookout. I would have it again

Rating: 89/100

Name of Wine: Saperavi 2015

Description: This dry red is full bodied, bright but spicy. Aged in stainless steel with French oak.

Smell: Dark berries, heavy oak

Taste: Blackberries and tannin rich

Pair With: Sharp cheese and smoked sausage

ABV: 13%

Cost: $ 14.99

Opinion: This wine is a good cook out wine, it goes well with smoked sausage and grilled turkey burgers ( I don’t eat beef). You definitely will want to enjoy this with some grilled meats. You can also have a glass of it solo. I would have it again, it had a nice taste profile to it.

Rating: 87/100 points

Name: Lekker Rosé Wine

Description: Crisp, balanced acidity. Upon first sniff, I was intrigued with the layers of scents it has. The taste puckers your taste buds like it would if you took a bite of a lemon. Also had a slight watermelon taste towards the back of the palate. Definitely serve chilled as it will take the cold will take the edge off the pucker this wine has.

Smell: fresh raspberries, rose petals and hint of watermelon

Taste: Lemon, raspberry and watermelon

Pair With: I paired this with crab and avocado salad

ABV: 11.5%

Cost: $ 14.99

Opinion: Would I have this again? I am not sure. I am new to rosé  wines so some of these may be an acquired taste. If you love Rosé  this wine may be for you. I wouldn’t go out of my way to have it again.

Name of Wine: Graef Chardonnay 2013

Description: This chardonnay is rich in tropical flavor in the front with a slightly herby towards the back. Crisp and refreshing due to it being unoaked. Can be enjoyed with a meal or alone.

Smell: Mangoes, fresh cream, sweet spice

Taste: Citrus, butter

Pair With: I sampled this wine with turkey sausage, cheddar cheese and olives

ABV: 14.4%

Cost: $ 14.99

Opinion: Would I have this wine again? I would. I love white wines and this Chardonnay was refreshing in flavor.

Name of Wine: Quarry Hill 50/50 Strawberry Rhubarb Wine

Description: Rose color with rhubarb flavor at the front and fresh strawberries towards the back

Smell: Strawberry, Rhubarb, slight mineral notes

Taste: Fresh strawberry and tangy rhubarb

Pair With: I drank this wine alone chilled after dinner. I would pair this with a fresh fruit.

ABV: 12%

Cost: $ 14.99

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars