Name of Wine: Giorgio Mellette Cavallare Bolgheri Rosato 2015

Description: This wine is a rose colored wine but it’s a 90% Syrah and 10% Merlot.

Smell: Briney

Taste: This wine is rather bitter. I had to remember it was a light colored blend of two red wines

Pair With: A meal containing chicken, pork, rice and a vegetable. Drink this chilled.

Where Did I Get It: Firelands Winery

ABV: 12.5%

Cost: $10.99


Name of Wine: Mantey Vineyards Lake Erie Haute Sauterne

Description: Sweet white wine that reminded me of a Moscato

Smell: White grape

Taste: This wine is pretty sweet with a citrus like taste at the back

Pair With: I am not a fan of Moscato but I would recommend pairing this with fruit or a light dessert. In my opinion, it’s too sweet to drink alone.

Where Did I Get It: Firelands Winery

ABV: 12%

Cost: $11.99

Name of Wine: Mantey Vineyards 50/50

Description: This wine is a sweet red blend of Mantey Vineyards American Concord & American Niagra wine.

Smell: Concord grape

Taste: Semi Sweet grape with a slight tang at the back. It goes down smooth and best quite chilled

Pair With: I enjoyed a glass with seasoned shrimp and grilled vegetables

Where Did I Get It: I purchased this at Firelands Vineyard, Sandusky OH

ABV: 12%

Cost: $12.99

Name of Wine: Yellowtail Sangria

Description: This is a red wine Sangria that is best enjoyed chilled, you could make a wine slush by adding fruit.

Smell: berries with hint of citrus

Taste: Sweet citrus at the front and sweet berries at the back

Pair With: I enjoyed this wine with Thai food. The best compliment to spicy food is a sweet wine to cool the spice.

ABV: 11.5%

Cost: $6.99


Name of Wine: Firelands Gewurztraminer

Description: This wine is sorta like a Riesling with a hint of sweetness

Smell: slightly fruity with floral undertones

Taste: passion fruit at the front with sweet rose petal at the back

Pair With: I paired this wine with spicy Mexican jerk chicken tacos

Where Did I Get It: Firelands Winery is a lovely winery located in Sandusky Ohio

ABV: 12.5%

Cost: $12.99

Brand: Serradayres Reserva

Description: This white wine goes down warm like a red wine but to capture the best flavor, you will want this to be chilled.

Smell: Green apples, honey, slight salt brine

Taste: Citrus with hint of thyme

Pair With: Starch based dishes like macaroni/cheese, potatoes or pasta

Where Did I Get It: Wine Awesomeness

ABV: 13%


Name of Wine: Bella Rose Sparkling Wine

Description: This sparkling wine has a nice blend of apricot and peaches that’s light on -the-tongue-taste and crisp on flavor. Best enjoyed when well chilled

Smell: Peach

Taste: Apricot at the front, crisp peaches towards the end

Pair With: light appetizers, chicken, pork or fruit based desserts

Where Did I Get It: Publix

ABV: 11.5%

Cost: $10.99

I just returned from my trip to Sandusky Ohio and I am xcited about the reviews I have planned to share with you all. I don’t throw together reviews. I write them up and let them sit unedited for 24 hours, it’s the same process I use for all my writing. These wines are just a a sneak peek of what I have in store. The more I review, I’m wondering should I rate these wines? Should I vlog? I want this to be an awesome and enjoyable experience so by all means, leave your thoughts. I moderate comments to prevent spam. If you leave a suggestion, nice or not it will be approved. Don’t be shy now. 😉

When you think about states that offer great wines, you usually think Michigan, Ohio and Missouri. What you don’t think is Florida. But Florida has some nice wineries and wine shops that offer a great experience. Winey Wench is located inside the Florida Mall in Orlando. I’m from the Midwest and had never seen wine sold in a mall before, what made it better is that they serve wine slushes. I didn’t take pictures of the shop, but it’s nice. They also sell nice glasses, gift sets and other small gifts.


Name of Wine: La Montebello, Sangue Di Guida

Description: This red wine sangria is sweet, with a slight fizz that makes it light on the tongue. The best way to enjoy this is to have it very well chilled. It’s bubbly and refreshing. You can also take some diced fruit and make wine slushes with this.

Cost: $13

Taste: Crisp grape

Pair With: Cakes, fruit desserts or spicy cheese.

Where Did I Get It: Winey Wench located in Orlando, Florida

ABV: 7.5%

Rating (1-5 with 5 being the highest): I’d give this wine a 4.5, it’s a good wine, I wasn’t expecting it to be as sweet as it was. I’d buy it again and pair it with some spicy meat and cheese.


Recall when I said this blog is for those of us who are “luxurious” on a budget? Well the following review is what I mean. The Yellow Tail brand originates from Australia, I discovered their selection, 6 years ago and with plenty to choose from, you’re almost assured to find something to your liking. Wine snobs that say you can’t get a nice bottle of wine for less than $20 aren’t looking hard enough, which means more for us right?

The first Yellowtail Wine I will officially review for you is the their budget friendly Riesling. You should be able to find a small (750ml) for less than $10.


Name of Wine: Yellow Tail Riesling

Description: This is a not sweet or bitter white wine. You will want to drink this cold as possible without freezing. The cold brings out the crispness which makes it light and refreshing

Taste: Citrus for the nose and beginning, green apple tartness and hint of cinnamon towards the end.

Pair With: Pairs very nice with spicy Asian dishes

ABV: 11.5%

Where Did I Get It: You should be able to find this wine at any supermarket, most liquor stores and CVS/Walgreens ( if they sell liquor).

Are you a fa of Yellow Tail wines? Which ones have you tried? If there is a wine Yellow Tail makes and you want me to review it, drop me a line.


Stay savvy and fabulous!