Santa Ana Classic Chardonnay Argentina 2017

Name of Wine: Santa Ana Classic Chardonnay Argentina 2017 Description: Semi dry with fruit notes but with a smooth finish. You will want to enjoy this with a meal Smell: tropical fruit with citrus Taste: Tart with tropical… Read More

Korbel Chardonnay Champagne

Name of Wine: Korbel Chardonnay Champagne Description: Korbel is popular brand of sparkling wine. This was my first time trying a bubbly Chardonnay and I was impressed with the light and refreshing taste. Enjoy well chilled with friends…. Read More

Votre Sante California Chardonnay 2012

Name of Wine: Votre Sante California Chardonnay 2012 Description: I found this bottle as I was sorting my wine cabinet. It had a deep golden color as it had aged for about 5 years. This wine is full… Read More

Graef Chardonnay 2013

Name of Wine: Graef Chardonnay 2013 Description: This chardonnay is rich in tropical flavor in the front with a slightly herby towards the back. Crisp and refreshing due to it being unoaked. Can be enjoyed with a meal… Read More