Quartz Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Name of Wine: Quartz Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Description: This wine has tropical fruit taste with a crisp, refreshing acidity finish Smell: citrus, nettles and passionfruit Taste: Citrus, pear, kiwi and green apple Pair With: Catfish with butter/garlic… Read More

Clot D’ Encis Blanco 2016

Name of Wine: CLOT D’Encis Blanco 2016 Description: This wine is a 100% white Grenache. Light and subtle on taste. Can be enjoyed alone or with food. Smell: Peach, lime, cantaloupe with hint of sage Taste: Citrus with/apricots… Read More

Sirenia Viura Chardonnay 2015

Name of Wine: Sirenia Viura Chardonnay 2015 Smell: Floral on the nose with a hint of citrus Taste: Citrus, tart pear and green apple Pair With: Broiled tenderloin with broccoli Description: The make up of this slightly golden… Read More

Blue Quail Sauvignon Blanc

Name of Wine: Blue Quail Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Description: This organic white wine is from Mendocino, California. It’s crisp, light and refreshing with slight acidity in the back. Can be enjoyed alone or with a meal Smell: Kumquats,… Read More

Graef Chardonnay 2013

Name of Wine: Graef Chardonnay 2013 Description: This chardonnay is rich in tropical flavor in the front with a slightly herby towards the back. Crisp and refreshing due to it being unoaked. Can be enjoyed with a meal… Read More

Villa Thansich Riesling Old Vines 2015

Name of Wine: Villa Thanisch Riesling Old Vines 2015 Description: Light bodied and semi-sweet at the initial taste and citrus towards the back. Smell: citrus fruit, honeysuckle, white floral Taste: Pear, floral, slightly acidic Pair With: Lobster Bisque… Read More

Wines For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a few days away and I want to start this blog entry off with an apology. I truly meant to have this post out so you don’t have to shop in a hurry, but your humble… Read More

Everything Nice White Wine Blend 2013

Name of Wine: Everything Nice White Wine Blend 2013 Description: This is a sweet, but medium bodied white wine blend. Excellent alone or with a meal. Smell: floral, tropical fruit Taste: Mildly sweet with a slight mineral finish…. Read More

Banyan Monterey County Gewurtzraminer 2016

Name of Wine: Banyan Monterey County Gewurtzraminer 2016 Description: This white wine has citrus and floral notes that some may find overwhelming, to alleviate that, serve chilled with crisp, fresh vegetables. Smell: fresh lemon, passionfruit, green apples and… Read More

Outer Sounds Sauvignon Blanc, 2016

Name of Wine: Outer Sounds Sauvignon Blanc, 2016 Description: This refreshing white wine has a light tropical taste with a smooth finish. Best enjoyed chilled with a meal or you can drink alone.  Smell: Guava, passionfruit  Taste: Guava,… Read More