Mantey Vineyards Lake Erie Haute Sauterne

Name of Wine: Mantey Vineyards Lake Erie Haute Sauterne Description: Sweet white wine that reminded me of a Moscato Smell: White grape Taste: This wine is pretty sweet with a citrus like taste at the back Pair With:… Read More

Firelands Gewurztraminer

Name of Wine: Firelands Gewurztraminer Description: This wine is sorta like a Riesling with a hint of sweetness Smell: slightly fruity with floral undertones Taste: passion fruit at the front with sweet rose petal at the back Pair… Read More

 Serradayres Reserva

Brand: Serradayres Reserva Description: This white wine goes down warm like a red wine but to capture the best flavor, you will want this to be chilled. Smell: Green apples, honey, slight salt brine Taste: Citrus with hint of… Read More

Yellow Tail Riesling

  Recall when I said this blog is for those of us who are “luxurious” on a budget? Well the following review is what I mean. The Yellow Tail brand originates from Australia, I discovered their selection, 6… Read More